Mobile Operating Room


A mobile operating theatre offers fast support


In countries with insufficient infrastructure, the hospital is often too far away for necessary operations. Especially in crisis and war zones, this can be fatal for people who are dependent on medical assistance. U-PROJECT counters this with practical and flexible solutions. With the mobile operating room, authorities and aid organizations enable the affected population to access the required medical care in the shortest possible time.

Our more than 50 years of experience in the planning, construction and continuous improvement of our mobile operating room are incorporated into the design, construction and continuous improvement of our mobile operating room, enabling us to support the commitment of communities and organisations worldwide with innovative equipment. In this way, you can benefit from our expertise and ensure optimal treatment of patients.


What does the mobile OP offer you?

When setting up a surgery, it is important to ensure the greatest possible hygiene without losing sight of the postoperative needs of the patients. U-PROJECT's dynamic solutions combine these aspects and provide working conditions that are as close to a hospital as geographical and political conditions allow. Retractable extensions on the sides of the container result in an almost square floor space that provides ample room for the reception of patients, their medical treatment and subsequent post-operative observation.

The following belongs to the interior equipment of the module:

  • modern OP with medical equipment according to international standards
  • Recovery room with four beds
  • Access via stairs and a ramp
  • separate entrance
  • Storage room
  • internal and external power supply
  • Ventilation system with HEPA filter
  • integrated medical gas system
  • medical and general lighting system
  • Safety alarm via Ethernet-WiFi

The best operating conditions are ensured by high-quality equipment with modern devices and a well thought-out arrangement of the equipment in the hall. In this way the room can be used in the best possible way. A hydraulic lifting system facilitates loading and unloading and the element is quickly ready for use.


Acting globally with flexible medical solutions

As part of a mobile hospital, the OR module is ideal for bringing an operable surgery to remote or hard-to-reach regions, but can also be used as a self-sufficient unit. If conditions change, the unit can be flexibly deployed at another location without the need for a new building. One truck is sufficient to ensure the medical care of the patients. The mobile operating theatre can also be delivered to the desired location by ship, plane or train. If required, this unit can also be combined with other U-PROJECT modules. This enables you to react to new requirements at any time and to meet all patient needs.