Role / Echelon 2

A Role 2 is characterized by its ability to perform reception / triage of injured ; treatment of shock on a higher level than Role 1. In addition dental applications, minor surgical interventions for emergency surgical cases, resuscitation, Psychological Counseling and Guidance including patient tracking, evaluating and reporting.

Depending on requirements with regards to operational needs, climatic and epidemiological circumstances, planned duration, geographic and environmental situation of a mission; a specific Medical Treatment Facility can be created by adding one or more enhancing modules.





Scope and Contents:

40 m² Shelter System: Triage and Resuscitation: The Emergency Area provides an intermediate capability for the reception and triage of an increased number of injured.

Dental Care Unit in 24 m² Expandable Container:  Unit equipped with 2 dental chairs, where surgical interventions can be performed.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit in 20 Feet ISO Container:  PCG center is available to prevent psychological traumas that soldiers may experience during war and missions.

Patient Wards:  40 m² shelter system is used as patient ward with 6 beds. These beds are intended for short-term admission patients. One similar ward can be added and used for separation of possible contagious patients (with dedicated ablution unit), the other ward provides surge capacity with respirators, monitors etc. for post-operative care. Patient Ward is supported with the shower and toilet units.

military Role 2

 tent dentist