Insulated Cabin (quarantine room) (IC-8050)


U-ISOCAB (IC-8050)

Fundamental Purpose of Use:

The Insulated Cabin is manufactured for isolation of patient with who are suspected of carrying infectious diseases or at high risk of transmission by using Negative Pressure technology. In case of confirmed highly dangerous disease, the patient is placed in the isolation cabin until transportation for further treatment.


Technical Features:

Inflatable Support Unit:

The Insulated Cabin is designed inflatable columns to put into operation in a few minutes. These columns are inflated by compressor and this structure provides self-supporting system.


Transparent Unit:

It has a transparent structure that allows to observe the patient during waiting. Wide internal area provides placement of patient bed.

Dual-Mode Operation:

  • Positive Pressure Mode: It ensures that the patient is protected from all factors that may cause contamination from the external environment.
  • Negative Pressure Mode: It prevents possible contamination from the infected patient to the outside environment.


System is combined by ABEK P3 Filtered 4 filter-ventilation units in EN 12941 standard. 


Lithium-Ion battery can keep 5 hours continues use

Ports and Connections:

2 ports for filter and ventilation unit, a tight zippered structure is available for the entry of basic life products.

Model Name:


Protection Class:

Negative Pressure Mode: BSL-4

Positive Pressure Mode: TH-3


P3 Filter-Ventilation

Overall Weight:

16 kgs.

Dimensions (WxDxH):

290 x 240 x 225 cm


High Frequency Welding

Battery Lifespan:

500 time charging

Video Link : Insulated cabin - Quarantine Waiting Room


Insulated Cabin