Vacuum Mattress ( VM-1010 )

A Vacuum Mattress is a medical device used for the immobilisation of patients, especially in case of a vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma (especially for femur trauma).

U-Project Vacuum Mattress is made of cold-resistant insulated PVC material. It can be quickly and easily adjusted to hard or soft with bi directional  pump. 

Vacuum Mattress



Inside  is  filled  up  with  polystyrene  granules, outside is covered by PVC clothe. Mattress adapts perfectly to the body  shape  during  first  aid,  thus  avoiding  injury  from  movement impairment, including cervical or vertebral injuries. Patients can be transported by air, land and sea by stretcher and undergo X-RAY, CT and MRI examination. It can easily be used in any vehicle due to 5x2 arm carriers.

Length : 2050 mm
Width : 900 mm
Carrying Capacity : 150-180 kgs
Weight: 11 kgs

vacuum mattress1

vacuum mattress2



Vacuum Mattress