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What are the Campet Features?

It is compatible with medical, military and camping areas.

It is used as a single and double camping bed preferred by aid organizations and organizations.

It is also used as a campsite for long-term military deployments. It is also suitable for all kinds of emergency operations.

Campets have iron and solid skeletons. In this way, they are resistant to any person lying to them. Camp beds can be stacked on top of each other. Because they are lightweight, they can be easily transported even when stacked. Their fabrics are resistant to heat and cold and are waterproof. Campsites are great alternatives when you need to sleep outside.


Features :


Practical structure, fast installation,

It is used as a foldable field bed.
It has a solid body structure
Can be removed flat and placed in the carrying case,
The steel frame and acrylic coated polyester stain-resistant fabric are very strong and hygienic as they can be easily removed and cleaned.
Weight capacity: 220 kg
It is designed to easily convert from bunk beds to use as a single campsite.


TK-5050 - Single Campet

CK-5050 - Double Campet

Double Dimension      :  85 x 206 x 120 cm  (W x L x H)
Single Dimension       :  85 x 206 x 53 cm  (W x L x H)

Single Campet Weight      : 18 kg

Double Campet Weight     : 36kg

Lying Area                  : 53 x 192 cm  (W x W)







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