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Inflatable Tent Emergency and Vaccination Hospital

Ford Truck Tent Hospital 4 Products

We have completed the Emergency, Triage and Vaccination unit project consisting of tent systems.


GIZ Mosul Project 4 Products

Within the scope of our Mosul project, our three sets of mobile hospitals delivered with medical devices.






Expandable Container


GIZ Baghdad Project 4 Products

This project, consisting of five sets, was completed in Baghdad. The content of each set; two trailers, two military inflatable tents, medical equipment and consumables.




Military Tent



400 Beds Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health Medical Devices and Equipment Project

KfW Afghanistan-400 Bed Hospital Project 4 Products

We have completed the 400-Bed Mother-and-Child Center at Balkh Regional Hospital, Mazar-I-Sharif, Medical Devices and Equipment Project.


Bed Capacity


Medical Devices


Medical Disposables

Patient welcome and Pre-Registration
  • Insulated Cabin /01
It is a unit located at the entrance of field hospitals.

Patient records are made in the reception unit, all communication works of the hospital are done, the visitor list is arranged, hospital appointments are set.


Hastanede Resepsiyon Görevlisinin Görevi

Gelen hasta ve hasta yakınlarını karşılamak dertlerini dinleyip bilgilendirip yönlendirerek onlara elinden geldikçe yardımcı olup işlerini daha kısa ve rahat bir şekilde hal etmelerini sağlamaktir.


Alternatif Resepsiyon Çözümü

Sahra Hastanelerinde,40 m2 Şişirilebilir Çadır kullanılarak Triyaj ünitesi ve Resepsiyon ünitesi birlikte kullanılabilir.

About Triage Unit
  • Negative Pressure Isolation Chamber /01
Triage is the room where patients are ranked according to their urgency to be treated by doctors or trained health personnel, such as their vital signs and complaints about the disease.

The triage room is equipped with equipments such as stretcher, vital signs monitor, heamogulcometers, thermometer, stethoscope, penlight, sphygmomanometer. Triage is of great importance for field hospitals because it contributes to the more regular operation of the hospital and the rapid treatment of patients in cases such as war or pandemic.

Emergency Room
  • Vacuum Mattress /01
Emergency room is a unit that provides 24-hour treatment to patients who need urgent medical attention.

In the emergency department, which is one of the most important units of the hospital, highly trained doctors and health professionals take care of the patients. A patient is evaluated and treated in the emergency room. Emergency works in coordination with the laboratory and imaging units. Emergency room equipped with stretcher, hospital bed, intravenous stand,ventilator, defibrillator, incubator, oxygen concentrator,Vital signs monitor,sphygmomanometer, heamogulcometers,thermometer,stethoscope, sphygmomanometer. The emergency room is one of the most important units for field hospitals because it is one of the most active units in a hospital. Especially during the war, the first response in the emergency with the patient coming to the Field Hospitals can be extremely vital.

Radiology Room
Radiology room is the hospital unit where diagnostic imaging is performed.

In the radiology unit, images of various parts of the patient's body are taken with the instruction of specialist doctors. The data obtained from radiology contributes to doctors in diagnosing the disease correctly. The radiology room is equipped with equipment such as X-Ray device, MRI, ultrasound device, CT device. Radiology is of great importance not only in field hospitals, but also in all hospitals, large or small. Diagnostic imaging is an indispensable part of the diagnosis and treatment process as it provides detailed information about patients and diseases.

Operating Room
Surgical Operating Room
Operating rooms are rooms specially designed for surgeons and surgical personnel to perform surgical procedures

Operating theaters are spacious, sterile and well-lit rooms. The two most basic equipments of the operating room are the operating table and the anesthesia device. In addition to these, there are EKG Devices and patient monitors, defibrillator, trolleys, stainless surgery equipment, cabinets for surgery equipment in the operating room. There are special sinks for pre-operative surgical hand washing just at the entrance of the operating room. They are usually equipped with taps that can be opened and closed with sensors or feet. The operation room in field hospitals is of great importance because field hospitals are temporary hospitals where patients receive first aid in cases such as war or pandemic, before they are transferred to a well-equipped hospital. In some cases, when the first intervention is not sufficient, the patient may have to be taken into surgery, and in this case, it is very important that the operating room is equipped and useful.

Sterilization Unit
Sterilization is one of the most important factors in the background of the absolute treatment success of a clinic. It is the purification and cleaning process to make the equipment used in the hospital reusable.

Sterilization is carried out for the cleaning, disinfection and reuse of surgical instruments used in surgical procedures in operating rooms, polyclinics, services and intensive care units and all sterile textiles and consumables to be used on the patient. The most used methods in hospitals for sterilization; Pressurized water vapor, • Ethylene oxide, • Gas plasma. For the sterilization process, the materials go through cleaning (decontamination), control, packaging, sterilization and storage processes.

Laboratory room
Clinical laboratory is a health unit designed to diagnose patients' diseases and develop treatment methods.

Biological samples taken from patients are processed and finalized by clinical laboratory teams under the direction of doctors. Clinical laboratories are integral parts of hospitals, as they make a very important contribution to doctors in determining the disease and treatment process. Many high-tech devices are used in laboratories. Laboratories are equipped with biotechnological products such as Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, Blood Bank Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer, CT Scanner as well as medical products such as micropipette, centrifuges, water Bath, glasswares, test tube. Clinical laboratories are one of the most important parts of field hospitals, as they play a major role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Pharmacies are one of the health institutions where drugs used for the treatment of diseases are stored and sold to patients, determined by the instructions of doctors.

Since field hospitals are used in extraordinary situations such as war or pandemic, pharmacies have an important place in field hospitals so that patients can access drugs easily and quickly.

Intensive Care Unit
Intensive care units are used in cases where a patient's condition is critical and needs constant observation and care.

There are special rooms equipped with sterile and biotechnological products. Under the supervision of specially trained healthcare teams and specialist doctors, patients are monitored with advanced monitoring equipment until their vital signs are stable. Intensive care units are equipped with medical equipment such as EEG device,ventilator, Intracranial Pressure monitor,Bed-Side monitor,Hemedex monitor,defibrillator, IV lines and pumps, feeding tubes, drains, and catheters. It is likely to be encountered in field hospitals; Intensive Care Unit is used for severely injured patients, patients who have had a difficult operation, patients with serious infections and similar conditions.

Generator Container
The most important need of Field Hospitals is electricity. Generator capacity is determined by calculating the electricity need of the entire hospital.

Since there is an busy environment such as surgery, examination, transfer, visits in field hospitals, it is necessary to provide uninterrupted electrical energy. In all cases where the mains electricity is cut off or insufficient, the electricity needed by the hospital is provided by generators. Generators used in field hospitals have a minimum power of 50 kilowatts.

Laundry room is designed for regular washing of textile products in order to prevent infection and create a hygienic environment in hospitals.

It includes equipment such as industrial washing machines, clothes dryers, trolleys, industrial steam irons and small irons.

The kitchen part is designed for the needs of doctors, nurses and the entire healthcare team.

It includes equipment such as refrigerator, oven, stove, sink, dishwasher, tea maker and hot water dispenser, coffee machine and toaster.

Patient Wards
Patient Wards
It is a unit designed to be used when patients need to be under observation of doctors and medical team for a while during or after treatment.

These are the rooms designed in proportion to the capacity of the field hospital. It is equipped with equipment such as hospital beds, overbed tables, intravenous stands, bedside lamps, and bedside tables.

Water Treatment Units
Water Treatment Units
The water systems that distinguish waste water and clean water,need of the hospital is supplied from this unit.

Since field hospitals are portable hospitals, water unit is of great importance for field hospitals. These are the warehouses established to provide water to all units of the hospital such as intensive care, patient wards, laundry in areas where there is no mains water.

Medical Gas Systems
Medical Gas Systems
Medical Gas Units are fundamental units for ICU, Opeation Room and also optional for Patient Wards.

Medical gases are used in different ways for patient health. Medical gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide are transported to the necessary units in field hospitals through specially designed pipelines.

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