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Negative Pressure Isolation Chamber

What Is Isolation Transport Cabin Used For?

Fundamental Purpose of Use
U-ISOBAG provides a high degree of protection against exposure to life-threatening influences, such as highly infectious viruses and bacteria by using high frequency sealing technology. It is mainly used for the isolation and transport of patients with infectious diseases, protecting the pathogens spread.


Isolation Patient Transport Bags cut off the air connection with the inside and outside thanks to their negative and positive air pressure technology. In this way, they can prevent patients from transmitting viruses to the outside and ensure that healthy people do not get viruses from outside. In this way, people can be easily protected in the epidemic areas.


Lithium-Ion battery can keep 5 hours continues use.


Patient Fixing System:
Safe of a fixation of the patient during the transport


Ports and Connections:
Breathing support incoming ports are optimized in order to connect all standard medical connectors to monitor patient condition.


Transparent Unit:
It has a transparent structure that allows the patient to perform the medical intervention smoothly and to observe the patient during the transportation.


System is combined by ABEK P3 Filtered 4 filter ventilation units in EN 12941 standard. The system operates non-stop during the failure of one of the filters or when changing the battery. The cabinet-mounted high-efficiency filtration / ventilation unit ensures that all existing viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances in the air are blocked.


Dual-Mode Operation:
Positive Mode: It ensures that the patient is protected from all factors that may cause contamination from the external environment.
Negative Mode: Prevents possible contamination from the infected patient to the outside environment.


Model Name: CP-8040B
Protection Class: Negative Pressure Mode :BSL-4
Positive Pressure Mode : TH-3
Overall Weight: 16 kg
Dimension: 202 x 67 x 48 cm
Capacity :  150 kg
Technology: High Frequency Welding Technology


Why is the Isolation Transport Bag Important?

Insulated cabinets are one of the most important medical instruments for infectious diseases. The reason for this is its negative air pressure technology. Thanks to the negative air pressure, the cabin in which the patient is located does not give air to the outside. Since the air does not go outside, the virus cannot go outside. That's why the Insulated cabinet is so important for infectious diseases.







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