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Vacuum Mattress

What Does a Vacuum Mattress Do?

Vacuum mattresses are an important tool used to transport patients. The transport of patients is as important as their treatment. Wherever the patient is, they should always be transported with care. Otherwise, their situation may worsen. Therefore, various technologies have been developed for patient transfer. The vacuum mattress is designed for people with bone fractures.


U-Project Vacuum Mattress is made of cold-resistant insulated PVC material. It can be quickly and easily adjusted to hard or soft with bi-directional pump. Inside is filled up with polystyrene granules, outside is covered by PVC clothe. Mattress adapts perfectly to the body shape during first aid, thus avoiding injury from movement impairment, including cervical or vertebral injuries. Patients can be transported by air, land and sea by stretcher and undergo X-RAY, CT and MRI examination. It can easily be used in any vehicle due to 5x2 or 6x2 arm carriers.


Features :

Length : 2050 mm
Width : 900 mm
Carrying Capacity : 150 kgs
Weight: 11 kgs


What is the Difference Between Vacuum Mattress and Normal Mattress?

Stretchers are vehicles produced to transport patients. They are made of iron and are designed to carry people with ease. They can be used to transport patients from their homes to ambulances, from ambulances to the hospital, and from room to room. Normal stretchers have a bed on top of the iron frame. This bed is designed for patients to maintain their position. They also have seat belts to be used when necessary. Vacuum stretchers have an inflatable mattress instead of an ordinary mattress. As the vacuum stretcher swells, it swells according to the shape of the patient's body and takes the shape of their body. With the seat belts, the patient is fixed, and their movement is completely prevented. In this way, the full safety of the patient is ensured while being transported.




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