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Decontamination Shower

What is the Decontamination Shower for?

Decontamination showers are designed for usage in field conditions, when preliminary cleaning and staff decontamination in protective equipment must be ensured including auxiliary material.The cabin is designed for cleaning and disinfecting protective clothing contaminated with chemical substances.

Rapid set-up and activation of equipment needed is ensured to provide a good functioning of the system.

The emergency inflatable shower decontamination cabin is an isolated system, because there is an inflatable pool inside the decontamination shower system, which can prevent the polluted water from spilling into the environment.


Decontamination Shower Features:


Stock Code Number of Section Dimension (cm) Weight (kg)
DC-9030 1 section 200x200x240 30
DC-9040 1 section 250x250x240 40
DC-9050 2 section 300x200x240 60


Waterproof White canvas
2 water spray system
Shower system with 4 nozzles
Floor grid
Easy mounting
Ready for use within seconds by a compressor
20 people can be decontaminated per hour
12 lt water drained for one person

With its own compressor, it becomes ready usable in a maximum of 5-7 minutes.

Does not need metal support

Flameproof and waterproof fabric

Easy to carry with the Carrying Bag








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