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Vacuum Splint Set

Why is Splint Set Important?

Splints are vital for many fractures and injuries. Splints, which are used to prevent further damage during the healing process, also have practical and easy use. Special splints are designed for a different part of each limb in the body. If the right splint is not used for the fracture and injury, it will not heal or even worsen. For example, if your fingers are injured, the use of a splint covering your arm will not help you.


The splint must also support your fingers. If your arm bone is injured, a splint that you can still move your arm will do nothing but annoy you. Therefore, each splint must be kept for its condition. Splint sets are essential tools for dealing with multiple conditions. You should also have a splint set in order not to experience any deficiencies in health. You can call for more information.. The splint, which is frequently used especially on the arms, keeps the limb stable and allows it to heal much faster.


U-Project Vacuum splints are primarily used as a stabilization and splinting device for various limb injuries.


U-Project Vacuum Splint Set is completely X-ray permeable.


It can be easily cleaned and disinfected with alcohol,soapy water and liquid disinfectants.


Special PVC material resistant to friction and tearing provides, maximum use.Set of three with vacuum pump and carrying case.








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