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Truck Based Hospital Units

Truck based project consist of 3 units of 24 m2 expandable containers, 4 units of ISO 20 ft standard containers and a tent. The Project can be regarded as Primary Healthcare Center with 12 beds Infatable Tent including Operating Room, ICU, X-Ray center , Laboratory, Pharmacy, Water Treatment-Generator unit, Stores and WC-shower trailer. This mobile solution is driven by 4 trucks and suitable for many kind of operations and ICU treatment in various circumstances.

Medical gas system
Air conditioning with HEPA filtration
Power supply and lighting system
Medical grade wall and panel
Antibacterial and Antistatic material
Water supply
Data and telephone network

Difference That U-Project Can Make : Lots of places around the world are struck by unfortunate events such as wars, earthquakes, floods, diseases, famine, and other catastrophic events. Unfortunately, people may not be lucky to survive these conditions all the time. Without proper medical care, people will not be able to build their lives again. And many situations require medical attention at once. On these occasions, mobile hospitals are the most important solution. A mobile hospital can offer lots of different services to care for people. The best thing about mobile hospitals is, that they can get to any disaster-struck place and are always ready for action. After reaching the destination, a little preparation is needed for mobile hospitals to operate. U-project mobile hospitals consist of 5 trucks which all serve a different crucial purpose. In U-project mobile hospitals, you can find intensive care units, operation rooms, laboratories, triage, x-ray, and policlinics.

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Truck based Mobile Clinics
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Truck Based Mobile Hospital provides emergency-surgical treatment and diagnostics as a First Aid and Rescue Center. Depending on the configuration First Aid and Rescue Center is equipped with triage, X-ray, laboratory, operating room and ICU



Here we have included frequently asked questions.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions in this section. Have another question on your mind? Consider contacting us now.


What is Field Hospital?

Every day a different disaster occurs in our world. Natural disasters, especially earthquakes, floods, and landslides affect all people in the world severely. People affected by disasters are restricted from accessing services such as shelter and health. In these cases, Field Hospitals are used. Field hospitals are temporary hospitals established to provide security and health services to people who have suffered from any disaster. Field hospitals are established in designated safe areas. In this way, people can be supported without being affected by the disaster.


What Does Field Hospital Do?

Field hospitals are established so that people can survive, receive healthcare, and rebuild their lives in lands hit by natural disasters and disasters. Established field hospitals can perform many different services depending on their configuration. Field hospitals include operating rooms, intensive care units, patient dormitories, and tents. All of this can be found in many different containers depending on the configuration.


What Are the Types of Field Hospitals?

U-project field hospitals are the number one priority to save patients' lives in crisis situations. Field Hospitals play an extremely critical role because they can be established quickly, can intervene in an emergency, and are practical. There are five distinct types of Field Hospitals in the U-project.These are;

Mobile Operating Room (1+1),

Mobile Operating Room (1+5),

Field Hospital (30 Beds),

Field Hospital (50 Beds),

Field Hospital (150 Beds).


What do military health systems do?

Military health systems are places that undertake the first aid and health conditions of soldiers in war zones. They are filled with medical teams working to minimize the casualties of wars. Military health systems, which are full of various vehicles and departments for medical teams to perform all kinds of interventions, are one of the top priority stations for saving lives.


How many different military health systems are there?

There are 3 different military health systems in U-Project. Each healthcare system is an enhanced version of the other. You can decide by examining which one you need.

Role Echelon 1: Echelon 1 is the first-aid facility for small military units. Soldiers who can return to duty after being treated are treated at this facility. It is designed to deal with minor injuries and illnesses. It consists of an emergency room, reception, and triage departments.

Role Echelon 2: Echelon 2 stands out with its ability to deal with more patients and provide more comprehensive treatment than Echelon 1. It is designed to provide health services such as resuscitation, dental health room, psychological counseling, as well as triage, and emergency room. It is also equipped to deal with more serious injuries. Various sections can be added and customized depending on the needs of the military operation, environmental conditions, and epidemic conditions.

Role Echelon 3:It is the largest and most comprehensive of all stations. Various medical operations can be performed, and extensive surgeries can be performed. The operating room, which supports all kinds of surgical operations, can do serious work such as burns, limb salvage, and brain surgery. Echelon 3 consists of Cafeteria, staff dormitory, kitchen, power room, toilet, shower, laundry, warehouse, psychological guidance and counseling, operating room, cleaning, intensive care unit, dental room, resuscitation, patient dormitory, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, and triage.

The 30-person dormitory is suitable for upgrading with options such as 50-100-200.


What is the Difference Between Negative and Positive Air Pressure?

Controlling air pressure is more effective than you might think. Negative and positive pressures, which you can see the effect of in many different areas, have a great effect according to the place they are used. Especially in the field of health, thanks to the increase in its use in the last period, great importance has been taken in the field of infectious diseases.

Negative air pressure and positive air pressure indicate the relationship between the air inside the spaces concerning the outside. In negative air pressure, the pressure of the air inside is less than outside. In this way, the outside air constantly tries to get inside. The air inside is trapped and does not go out. In this way, negative pressure isolation cabins keep patients with infectious diseases under control. In cabins with negative air pressure, the air inside remains in constant circulation. When used with medical devices, it can stay in patients for a long time.

In positive air pressure, the situation is the opposite. The air pressure inside is higher than outside. In this way, the air inside tries to escape to the outside. As the air is in continuous circulation, the place has clean air. While positive air pressure is a good option for your home, it is not for isolation cabinets. Therefore, a negative pressure isolation cabinet should be used when dealing with infectious diseases.


Is Isolation Chambers and Cabinet Necessary?

Infectious diseases were one of the biggest health problems in the world before medical science developed. Diseases such as tuberculosis and Sars continue to spread even today. We have seen closely how dangerous infectious diseases can be, especially thanks to Covid, which has shown its effect recently. The first step in treating this type of contagious epidemic should be to minimize the transmission. To prevent contamination, isolation cabinets should be used in hospitals, ambulances, Airports. Thanks to isolation cabins with negative air pressure, infectious diseases are largely controlled. Moreover, not only isolation cabins but also special infection rooms benefit from negative pressure. In this era, where medical developments are very important for our health, negative pressure isolation cabinets are among the products that must be used.


What is the Difference Between Inflatable Tents and Normal Tents?

Tents provide protection for people in many situations. You can stay safely in tents that are not affected by environmental conditions and foreign factors. However, setting up tents may be long and tedious. It will take a long time for you to set up normal tents in cases where emergency intervention may be required. Especially as the number of people increases, it will become more difficult to set up the tent. In such cases, normal tents will not be enough to provide quick interaction.

Inflatable tents can be set up in a short time. Inflatable tents take up to 10 minutes to prepare and provide much more advantages than regular tents. Thanks to their solid walls and construction, they are simply set up and ready in no time. Since they do not need to be connected anywhere, only inflating is sufficient for their installation. Another difference between U-Project inflatable tents from normal tents is their durability. Thanks to its solid walls, it is resistant to all weather conditions. It consists of waterproof and fireproof materials. It does not need any metal support.


How Does Inflatable Tent Work?

U-Project inflatable tents can be set up easily. Thanks to its inflate action, it makes itself ready without any help. Compressors are used to inflate the tents. With these compressors of the tent itself, the tents inflate and become ready for use in an average of 10 minutes. They have a total of 4 air valves, 2 inlets, and 2 outlets. In this way, they can inflate quickly and deflate quickly. It is quite easy to both set up and assemble.


What is the Difference Between Vacuum Mattress and Stretcher?

Stretchers are vehicles produced to transport patients. They are made of iron and are designed to carry people with ease. They can be used to transport patients from their homes to ambulances, from ambulances to the hospital, and from room to room. Normal stretchers have a bed on top of the iron frame. This bed is designed for patients to maintain their position. They also have seat belts to be used when necessary.

Vacuum stretchers have an inflatable mattress instead of an ordinary mattress. As the vacuum stretcher swells, it swells according to the shape of the patient's body and takes the shape of their body. With the seat belts, the patient is fixed, and their movement is completely prevented. In this way, the full safety of the patient is ensured while being transported.The vacuum stretcher is designed to be used in situations where the patient's body must not move. In bone fractures, movement of the body and limbs can force the bone more. It can even worsen the situation. In these cases, vacuum stretchers are necessary to prevent the body from moving.

The vacuum stretcher is designed for use in people with vertebra, pelvis, or limb trauma. If any part of the patient must not move, the vacuum stretcher is the most suitable means of transport.


Why is Splint Set Important and Used For?

Splints are vital for many fractures and injuries. Splints, which are used to prevent further damage during the healing process, also have practical and easy use. Special splints are designed for a different part of each limb in the body. If the right splint is not used for the fracture and injury, it will not heal or even worsen. For example, if your fingers are injured, the use of a splint covering your arm will not help you. The splint must also support your fingers. If your arm bone is injured, a splint that you can still move your arm will do nothing but annoy you. Therefore, each splint must be kept for its condition.

Splint sets are a tool used for people who experience body and limb injuries. Splints help keep broken or cracked bones stable. It is necessary in cases that are not serious enough to be plastered and in cases that require surgery to remain stable until the operation. It is crucial to keep the arms stable and not move so that the condition of the limb does not deteriorate. In other words, splint sets are used by people who experience muscle and bone injuries.

Splint sets are essential tools for dealing with multiple conditions. You should also have a splint set in order not to experience any deficiencies in health. You can call for more information.