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U-Project, with its almost half century experience in the health sector at production and installation of high-quality medical devices and equipment with international standards, continues to develop by extending its field of activity in healthcare sector.

U-Project, as a well known national and international reliable brand, reaches up to the most difficult geographies with the solutions of field hospital systems and mobile hospitals.

Innovative solutions for medical care in extreme situations

U-PROJECT – The Curative Power of the Hardest Circumstances
U-PROJECT offers medical products and services for the defense and health sectors. Based on our 50 years of experience, we produce innovative, fast and practical solutions that meet international standards
These include well thought-out complete solutions such as field hospitals, mobile hospitals, medical containers as well as medical tents and turnkey clinics in modular design for a wide variety of requirements for example:
  • Operation rooms
  • Intensivse care
  • Polyclinics
  • Laboratories
  • Mammography and Gynecology clinics
  • Dental clinics

Mobile hospital solutions with modular units

Our mobile hospital solutions include expandable medical containers, retractable trailer solutions, ambulance trucks and inflatable tents for various purposes - for example, for patient care or for ABC decontamination-
For a wide range of requirements, we can also order other units in addition to a unit, including: Radiology stations, laboratory and blood bank units, laundry rooms, cafeterias and dining rooms, a complete cleaning and wastewater management system and a continuous, independent power supply.

Flexible medical concepts for all crisis situations

We design, manufacture and implement solutions for all critical situations that require immediate action.
Regardless of geographic location, our systems can be shipped all over the world, reaching where they are needed: In crisis regions with terrorist and war zones, to support natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or volcanic eruptions, as well as at any time and any
place in humanitarian emergencies and medical disasters. An example: Epidemics Our mobile hospital solutions are also used to support medical care in refugee centers.

Our service: worldwide & personally

Regardless of where you are, we deliver our mobile hospital solutions anywhere – worldwide.
Whether by land, by air or by ship: U-PROJECT is available wherever it is necessary. As part of a professional after-sales service, our services also include maintenance and technical support for our products We offer you holistic solutions that are individually tailored to your requirements.